Breach of Contract Cases

Location Side Other Elements Description
California Plaintiffs Assessment of software quality in Local Area Network arena.
California Defense Class Action, Product Liability Product liability issues in computer based training (CBT) products. Class action suit.
California Defense Wrongful Termination, Age Discrimination, Breach of Good Faith, Defamation Consulting role in computer issues surrounding the case. Was deposed.
California Defense Analyzed dBASE source code in an Accounting System to assess quality of code in support of the Application.
California Defense Product Liability Computer database and system analyses.
California Plaintiffs Fraud Was deposed and testified at trial on commercial viability, software configurations, and piracy elements of photographic hardware/software application system. Software piracy of Novell Netware
Michigan Defense Business Interruption Consulting on power outages and computer file corruption.
Nevada Plaintiffs Fraud Failure Analysis of Rejected Telecommunications Software and Hardware System; Discovery Guidance.
Ohio Plaintiffs Analysis of failed software system. Was deposed.
Texas Defense Source code and licensing issue assessment.
Utah Plaintiffs Antitrust Advice and information about specific company hardware and operating systems.
Washington Plaintiffs Breach of contract suit and counterclaim (re: Health Care Computer System) between computer software and information technology services firm and a regional medical center.