Computer Forensics Cases

Location Side Other Elements Description
Arizona Defense Computer Forensics and Electronic Evidence re: pornography. Consulting on technical aspects underlying the case.
California Defense Breach of Contract Analysis of file activity in real estate transactions. Was deposed. Also, testified at trial.
California Defense Allegations of production of counterfeit drivers’ licenses and possible possession of child pornography
California Defense Assessment of existence and extent and origin/dates of child pornography on both defendant’s and “victim’s” computers.
California Defense Robbery Forensics analysis of email traffic, plus existence of installed spyware
California Defense Analysis and support in family will and trust matters
California Defense Computer forensic analysis of Internet activity on hard drives in stalking case.
California Defense Deleted hard disk files at issue.
California Plaintiffs Divorce Computer forensics’ asset discovery.
California Plaintiffs Contested Will: Computer forensics analysis of hard drive.
California Plaintiffs Internet Summary Execution, Crimes Against Humanity, and Torture: Email and Internet consulting analyses.
California Plaintiff Computer Forensics Wrongful Death: Computer Forensics Hard Drive Analyses
Florida Defense Forensics analysis of Internet activities. Violation of Probation
Florida Defense Child pornography. Discovery and defensive assessment of multiple hard drives and diskettes for relevant evidence.
Georgia Defense Murder Analysis of evidence on hard drive of murder victim. Possession of a Firearm
Massachusetts Plaintiffs Internet Electronic Intrusion. Security Breach Assessments.
Michigan Defense Internet Assessment of Internet-based child pornography allegations.
Nevada Plaintiffs Internet Hard drive reconstruction and forensics analysis of Internet activities for employment termination suit.
Nevada Plaintiffs Internet Forensic explorations of correspondence and email on subject’s hard drive.
New York Defense Analysis of drive contents and Internet sourcing information.
New York Defense Internet Analysis of electronic evidence in system usage and email transmissions.
North Carolina Defense Internet Analysis of misuse of USAF computer for possible child pornography.
Oregon Plaintiffs Fraud, Internet Investigative efforts for possible litigation.
South Dakota Defense Internet Analyses of possible child pornography computer usage and file/picture storage.
South Dakota Plaintiffs Murder Forensic analysis of Internet and other activity on the defendant’s computer hard drives. Testified at trial.
South Dakota Plaintiffs Internet Internet forensics explorations regarding activities of defendant in rape case.
Texas Defense Murder Computer forensics analysis of work and activities on hard drive.
Utah Plaintiffs Divorce Computer forensics analysis.
Utah Defense Defensive analysis of hard disk contents and organization for child pornography.
Washington Defense Internet Investigative efforts (re: AOL Instant Messaging Forensics)
Washington Defense Internet Internet Pornography: analysis of forensic contents of hard drives.
Washington, DC Plaintiffs Internet Consulting support for case involving LAN, email, and electronic document processing storage, retrieval and deletions.