Copyright Infringement Cases

Location Side Other Elements Description
California Plaintiffs Breach of Contract Analyzed/compared BASIC source code for two financial systems to determine possible existence and extent of copying. Was deposed.
California Plaintiffs Breach of Contract, Fraud Software licensed by one company to another. Breach of Contract & Copyright Infringement claims. Counterclaims for fraud.
California Defense Computer forensics, Internet, Trademark Infringement Forensics analyses of Internet web page promotions and trademark infringements. Was deposed.
Missouri Defense Breach of Contract Visual Basic Software Code Comparisons: Review two sets of health care software code for possible copying analyses.
New Jersey Plaintiffs Breach of Contract Software analysis of Y2K issues and Visual Basic code applications. Was deposed.
Arizona Plaintiffs Medical and Health Detailed comparisons of two systems of health care medical billings source code, (Oracle and BASIC)
California Defense Analysis of engineering software programs.
California Defense Database comparisons.
California Plaintiffs Comparisons of application systems using Visual Basic and Excel spreadsheets/macros.
California Defense Hired to assess technical infringement between two application systems.
California Plaintiffs Internet Internet HTML and Javascript code analyses and comparisons.
California Plaintiffs Medical and Health Detailed comparisons of source code in two dialects of BASIC, in programs forĀ  medical record-keeping, 3rd party billing, and nursing home mgmt sftwre services.
California Defense Trade Secret Misappropriation. Medical and Health. Infringement analysis of COBOL and FoxPro health insurance software programs.
California Defense Microsoft counterfeit. Trademark Infringement Consulting analysis regarding alleged counterfeit software licensing materials. Was deposed.
California Defense Trade Secret Misappropriation Real Estate Software System Infringements: Copying of data dictionary definitions, database schema
Florida Defense Source Code Comparison Analysis. Defense/Plaintiff Master: Copyright infringement analysis of Auto dealer management systems
Florida Defense Breach of Contract. Breach of Warranty. Medical and Health. Medical billing systems written in COBOL.
Florida Defense Internet. Microsoft counterfeit. Trademark Infringement. Unfair Trade Practices Internet research and counterfeit Microsoft software consulting support.
Illinois Defense Software Analysis and Comparisons. Detailed modular comparisons of assembler language code
Michigan Plaintiffs Internet. Fraud. Evidence research and gathering via the Internet. Potential comparison of multiple medical software systems and languages, including health care billings and patient record keeping.
Nevada Plaintiffs Trade Secret Misappropriation Analysis and comparison of sales and marketing materials for training workshops.
New Jersey Defense As the court-appointed Master expert, accepted mutually by both Plaintiff and Defense, I analyzed source code from both sides, in two dialects of dBASE, and delivered my detailed opinions directly to the Court.
New Jersey Plaintiffs copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation Electronic Document Management: Alleged misappropriation of software modules and database schema.
Utah Plaintiffs Breach of Warranty. Medical and Health Reviewed PASCAL source code for a pharmaceutical system to analyze system quality and reliability. Was deposed.
California Defense Trade Secret Misappropriation Reviewed current and predecessor systems in C# and Visual Basic, making direct and derivative comparisons.