Trade Secret Misappropriation Cases

Location Side Other Elements Description
California Plaintiffs Internet Analysis of Internet data base usage and possible misappropriation.
California Defense Consulting advice and litigation support in combined hardware-software system
California Defense Internet Internet search engine and database program analyses. Was deposed.
California Plaintiffs Internet. Computer Forensics Hard drive analysis to determine potential trade secrets misappropriation.
California Defense Internet. Defamation. Trademark Infringement Internet analyses of trademark misappropriations and search engine visibility issues. Was deposed. Also testified at trial.
Illinois Defense Source code comparisons and analyses: Competitive Fortran and C++ code analyses
Massachusetts Plaintiffs Analysis and comparisons of financial modeling software and systems.
Michigan Defense Software trade secret analysis.
Missouri Defense Medical and Health Analysis of WordPerfect macro-based health insurance plan software system.
Nevada Plaintiffs Software analyses regarding possible data base misappropriations.
New York Defense Source code analyses and comparisons: Competitive SQL code analyses