Judd Robbins – Computer Expert Witness

Deposition and trial experience
Testimony in State and Federal courts
Balanced caseload of 50-50% plaintiff and defense
Specializing in copyright, patent & trade secret matters
More than 100 cases since 1986 as an expert witness/consultant
Professional Clientele in both the United States and the United Kingdom
Decades of experience as both a software and hardware computer expert

Judd’s Direct Line: 1-541-512-2508 (PST)

IP Computer Expert Witness
Specializing in Software Code Analysis

A.B. Physics (Bowdoin College)

M.A. Computer Science (U.C. Berkeley)

M.S. Information Science (U. of Michigan)

Seminar Design/Presentation since 1978

International Case Experience since 1986

Best Selling Author of 32 Books and more than 25 Training Videos

Featured as Computer Expert Witness on MSNBC, Court TV and Tech TV

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